Northampton  Co.
In 1890

Welcome to the Borough of Bethlehem which is located on the north side of the Lehigh River. Here is how the Borough was described in a book published in 1915, The Borough of South Bethlehem Souvenir History Issued in Connection with the Semi-centinnial Celebration Oct. 3-10, 1915 :  "Across the river from South Bethlehem is the old Borough of Bethlehem, incorporated March 6, 1845. The town was founded in 1741 by the Moravian congregation. The town has not the industrial features of South Bethlehem, and is mostly a business and residential place.  It has many historic points of interest.  Its streets are well kept and well lighted, and there is an enterprising and progressive government." That description was written over 80 years ago, and it still rings true today.

If you're looking for a relative who lived in West Bethlehem on the "avenues", keep in mind that this is a census for Northampton County and West Bethlehem is largely located in Lehigh County. The county line cuts off the West side as well as a large part of Fountain Hill on the South side of town.  If I could find a listing for these people, I'd be glad to add it, but I don't think one exists. You may have a tendency to think of Bethlehem as being all of the city north of the river, but back then it was a very small group living in center city.  At that time the rest of the city as we know it today didn't exist.

Some of the names were mispelled, so if you don't find the name exactly where it should be, look around a little bit.  It may be a little out of order.

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