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The following is taken from Resources and Industries of Easton, PA by C. M. Sitgreaves published 1889.

     At the foot of the Lehigh Valley, where the swift waters of the Delaware are augmented by those powerful streams, the Lehigh and Bushkill, where hill upon hill, rising in grand undulations meet the eye in every direction, where nature has exhausted her treasures to delight the heart of man, lies the site which one hundred and forty years ago, Thomas Penn selected as the proper place for the location of a city, which should perpetuate the name of his wife and her relatives.

     Easton occupies a point on the Delaware river, almost directly west of New York, and north of Philadelphia, from either of which the time by rail is but little more than two hours. With New York City, it has direct connection by three railroads, viz: The Easton and Amboy, the Central of New Jersey, and the Morris and Essex. To reach Philadelphia, the tourist can leave by three roads likewise, viz: The Lehigh Valley, The Lehigh and Susquehanna, or the Belvidere Delaware. Within less than eighty miles of the three largest cities of our country, and so situated that its residents can daily reach the great marts of trade in ample time for business, can Easton not rightly claim precedence for convenience of location? With hundreds of trains departing daily for the largest seaports; with scores more going to the great interior; in the midst of the iron field; with lime stone plenty; adjacent to the coal beds; water power in abundance; educational facilities unsurpassed; churches of all denominations; water works, gas works, electric lights, street cars, telephones, telegraphs, clean streets, good government, excellent hotels, beautiful homes, and cheap rents; its people claim it is THE place, capitalist, employer, employee, you have long been seeking?

     From the lumber regions of the north, the Delaware brings the aroma of cedar and pine, and with swift current passes the city on the east. On the south, the Lehigh rendered sluggish by the great dam, wends its placid way, 'twixt furnace, factory and docks loaded with valuable merchandise. On the north, the Bushkill, its share in many a human venture done, ends its course, and assists to swell the Delaware. Hill upon hill, all teeming with life make up the lower wards. Westerly an undulating section, unsurpassed for the location of homes is rapidly filling up. College Hill, the seat of learning, wealth and worth, is fast becoming the home of all who delight in varied scenery, pure air, and healthful exercise.

Easton City........population 14,841  (A to D)  (E to H)  (I to P)  (Q to Z)
Easton Borough, South........population 5,616  (A to L) (M to Z)

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