Grace and The Rise to Number 2:  1920-1960

    The first half of the twentieth century was a Golden Age for the steel industry and Bethlehem.  The second world war and the formation of an American infrastructure continued to increase the demand for steel, and Bethlehem Steel maintained its position as a leader in the industry under the direction of Eugene Grace, the successor of Schwab.  During this time, the differences between management and labor continued, especially under Grace's "Loop" program.  "The Loop" was an elite group that trained new managers for the Steel company.  It also took on the role of judging the social and personal lives of those included in it.  At the same time, labor also became more united, though under the nation steelworkers' union.  As would be later seen, it was only in these prosperous years that groups could afford such elitism.  However, this prosperity also attracted a new upper class to Bethlehem, and contributed greatly to Bethlehem's tax revenue and public services.  Only in future years would people see how the lifestyles adopted during this time of plenty would return to haunt Bethlehem when the Steel was no longer indomitable. 

 Eugene Grace  The Growing Industry  Steel and the Population  The Loop and Its Lifestyle  Status and Golf  Unionization