Bethlehem, PA

    More than the gala location of Musikfest or the home of Christkindlmarkt, the city of Bethlehem brings to mind one picture.  No, not Lehigh engineers, but STEEL!  Driving through and around the city reveals the Bethlehem Steel industrial complex, five miles long and covering thousands of acres.  As employers of thousands of residents and provider of over a fifth of the cityís revenue, "The Steel" was a central part of life for Bethlehemís inhabitants for many decades.  Yet a closer look at the surroundings in Bethlehem shows empty office buildings, numerous large homes for sale, and no smoke pouring forth from the factory towers.  The enormous machine shops and blast furnaces still stand as a tribute to what "The Steel" once was, and this site hopes to explain how it rose to its pinnacle, then fell, taking much of the city with it.  It also hopes to show the new signs of life surging through Bethlehemís streets once again.

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(and find out what Billy Joel's "Allentown" has to do with Bethlehem, too!)