Rebuilding Bethlehem: 1990-present
    Gone are the golden days of the steel industry.  Bethlehem no longer hears the sound of active steel mills or loaded trains.  Yet this city has refused to die like so many other defunct steel towns have.  New industries have been encouraged to construct branches in the area, and the city has learned to profit from one of Pennsylvania's largest industries - tourism!  Playing off the image of Bethlehem as the "Christmas City", a cultural center, or a historic steel center, the city attracts many thousands of tourists - and their money - to Bethlehem each year.  Just recently, Bethlehem has even attracted the attention of the Smithsonian Institute as a site for preserving and displaying the symbols of America's industrial past.  Though no longer supported soley by the steel industry, Bethlehem is once again on an upward path.  Only time will tell where this path will lead. 
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