Education and Recreation in Bethlehem

    Yet another opportunity has opened for Bethlehemís tourism industry - the Smithsonianís National Museum of Industrial History.  The tentative plans include the conversion of several of the old Steel buildings into a 160,000 square foot museum.  This would preserve Plans for new museum/shopping center some of the five-mile-long Bethlehem Steel complex on the Lehigh River, whose wide-flange beams made modern skyscraper and long-span bridge construction possible. (86)  It would be a tribute to all American companies and workers who built the country we know and then became obsolete.  Like many towns throughout the Rust Belt, Bethlehem hopes to profit from "heritage tourism," potentially bringing in such items as an 1875 Otis elevator, historic steam and diesel engines, an original generator from an electricity plant at Niagara Falls, plus numerous smaller items and a photographic archive. (87-8)  Only time will tell if Bethlehem Steel will be chosen to represent the nationís manufacturing and technological past. 

Plans for museum/shopping complex