Charles M. Schwab 

    At the turn of the century, one of Bethlehem Steelís most influential men came to the Lehigh Valley.  This man was Charles M. Schwab.  Schwab brought with him an extensive background in the steel industry.  He had risen through the ranks of United States Steel Corporation under such phenomenal leaders as Andrew Carnegie and "Captain" Jones.  He was elected as U.S. Steel Charles SchwabCorporationís first president, though he soon resigned in 1903 since he was not given a free hand in running the company.  (2)  Feeling under-appreciated for his work at US Steel, Schwab soon found an excellent chance to exhibit his talent in the small Bethlehem Steel Company. Robert Hessen indicates the success of Schwabís management by noting that "Bethlehem Steel had been a small, specialty producer; within a decade after Schwab took control he had made it into the second largest and most diversified steel company in America." (163)